3424 Airport Blvd. Wilson, North Carolina

(252) 291-1990

Safety and Security

Surveillance System

 Our Center has security cameras that document all activity in each of our classrooms and on our playground. These tapes are only used for security purposes and will remain the property of Land of Learning Child Care.  

Outside Doors

 All outside classroom doors are locked, so no one can enter the building without going through one of our two lobbies. Our  management team keeps the  playground doors locked and unlocks them only during the scheduled outside time for children. 

Security Code Doors

The doors in each lobby that lead to our classrooms have a passcode. Our door codes are changed at least once a month. Only parents are given the code and are notified each time it changes. These doors ensure that noone can enter the building without knowledge of the code.

Sign in and Out

 Parents are required on a daily basis to indicate the times the child is dropped off and picked up and initial. Sign in and out sheets are located in each classroom near the door.

Id Check

If another person (other than you, the parent) is allowed to pick up your child, this should be noted in the child's file. A note and or a phone call is required each time you allow someone else to pick up your child, even if they are already on the pick-up list. They will be asked to show ID.

Playground Safety

 Our center has 6 foot privacy fences surrounding the playground to ensure your children's safety. Teachers are required to count each child before entering the playground and before re-entering the building.